Schools & Community

Our qualified teachers can tailor your workshop to specific key stages in the curriculum. Previous workshops have included lessons for primary school pupils in London, where a weekly PE lesson was replaced with circus skills for one term. These workshops are structured with the aim of boosting self-esteem and confidence, challenging fear of failure, promoting group skills and teamwork and creating a space where children at all levels of educational needs participate on equal terms.

Summer Fun Days

Whether it’s a family BBQ, an office summer party or community fête, our workshops are built for all ages at all times. From traditional circus workshops to cool tricks with everyday objects, our qualified circus trainers will ensure both adults and children share in the fun and learn new tricks to take home.


When it comes to team-building, inclusion and interactivity are most important. Learning new skills is always a challenge, so our priority is ensuring trust and unity are always there – so that your team can have fun and feel relaxed in the workshop environment. With each group we discuss with you priorities, numbers and particular aims so that your team get exactly what they want out of it.


Everyday Objects

Start off balancing a peacock feather on your palm and end the workshop balancing a broom or umbrella on your nose. These workshops build up skill slowly and safely, so by the end of the day participants can pick up everyday objects at home and do amazing tricks.