5 essential tips for the best London spring event

Jan 2016

Will there be sun? Will there be rain? In a city of traffic and downpours, we’ve compiled a list to guide you through your spring event in UK capital.

Make sure you have a weather alternative

Just because London’s weather is unpredictable doesn’t mean you can’t have a sunny day in spring outdoors. Just make sure you have an alternative if the heaven’s open. For spring venue inspiration, check out this list of summer London lawns from London Launch.

Promote promote promote!

Spring is the time of year that the winter slump is finally gone and everyone is looking to the year ahead. Take advantage of the newly surfaced party planners and promote your event across all channels. From Twitter to Storify, target your potential guests by meeting their quest for a fruity cocktail and entertainment.

Start your event before 7pm

If you’re planning an evening event, make sure you catch the post work rush of guests. As London workers they spill out from their offices on spring evenings, they’re already dreaming of their summer holiday. You’re sunny spring event can make their dreams come true…

Implement Technology

London is a hotbed for new tech ideas. If you want your event to standout, you’ve got to be up to date with the newest of the new. Follow worldwide tech events such as CES 2016, and utilise London’s amazing event tech, such as our friend’s over at Table Art.

Make the entertainment the top of your bill

An event is nothing without the perfect entertainment. You need a performer that will slip in perfectly behind the scenes and dazzle your audience. And if you’re looking for hot event tech and fantastic performance, look no further than Feeding the Fish.