Feeding the Fish collaborates on-stage with laser Violinist Mona Seebohm

Nov 2015

This November Feeding the Fish performed in Nürnberg, Germany for an exciting show that was specially commissioned for the Siemens’ recent Digital Grid event.

Our German team – Krisztina, Anna and Jadi – performed our Pixel-Poi® LED spectacular Kaleidoscope early in the evening, which features lyrical dance and laser manipulation. As one of our most popular shows, Kaleidoscope is perfect for any corporate event.

Feeding the Fish returned to the stage for an incredible collaborative finale with the fantastic laser violinist Mona Seebohm. The streams of colour from our laser light wands were integrated beautifully with the beams of Mona’s violin, and our choreography moved with her playing.

To book Kaleidoscope, or to find out more about Feeding the Fish’s collaborations, contact us here or email us at info@feedingthefish.com.