LUX Life Global Hospitality

Lux Life 2019 Global Hospitality Awards

Oct 2019

Literally hot off the press…Feeding the Fish are named winners in the LUX 2019 Global Hospitality Awards

We are thrilled to have been awarded best Best Choreographed Event Lighting from LUX Life magazine.

It means a lot to receive recognition for having worked our socks off over the last 20 years. Well done to all our team each of whom undoubtedly helped earn this honour. Thanks to Lux life for their beautiful two-page spread in this month’s issue. 

As a publication which ‘explores all things luxurious and glamorous around the globe’ we feel nothing could sum up better what we aim to bring to events

We are delighted to congratulate some of the other winning event companies, like Perkins Management Services the winner of the most innovative catering services and Bam Creative Associates who won the best event production award.