Medialaan: Experiential Television Event in Belgium

Sep 2016

This month Feeding the Fish had the very exciting opportunity to be part of Medialaan New Season Tour 2016. Medialaan is a Belgium television network with six TV stations and two radio stations. The Medialaan New Season Tour 2016 is the networks opportunity to unveil it’s future programme to its closest partners, stakeholders and advertisers.

The event took place across various different rooms of a building, with each room representing a specific programme or set idea. Feeding the Fish performed within the fourth room, which was a simulation of Belgium’s Got Talent. The room featured three acts which represented the cream of the crop of entertainment. Feeding the Fish curated a special 2 minute version of Flux, our breathtaking LED juggling act, which we performed 4 times throughout the evening.

The show was hosted by the existing host Koen Wauters and his new co-host and Eurovision 2016 singer Laura Tesoro.