About Us

LED Entertainment for events

Based in London, Feeding the Fish have performed in 57 countries and 402 cities to date. Whether your event location is an old favourite or new adventure, we always love to bring our shows to new audiences. Get in touch here.

Who We Are

Formed in 1996, and working with bespoke LED juggling equipment ever since, Feeding the Fish have gained a worldwide reputation as pioneers in event performance. Artistic director Alix Wilding and technical wizard Simon Mylius bring together extraordinary vision and meticulous production, to deliver amazing audience experiences.

Devoted to innovation, Feeding the Fish invented the world’s first Pixel-Poi® light batons, patented in 2006, and Video Suits® that can display animated graphics as performers dance.

This amazing team of dancers and jugglers has toured the world, performing at hundreds of corporate and high profile events including Café de Paris, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, the Closing Ceremony of the London Paralympics, Bahrain Formula 1, Cirque du Soleil, the MTV Awards and eight years of Glastonbury Festival.

Feeding the Fish have teams permanently based in the UK and in Germany. In addition to the events coordination team, Feeding the Fish is comprised of 16 artists, 3 of which are based in Berlin. The Feeding the Fish performers come with a range of experience in events and are trained from a variety of institutions, including The National Centre for Circus Arts, Northern Ballet School, Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts and Circus School Die Etage.

All our artists have PLI and E101/A1 certificates up-to-date. On request we can provide you with Feeding the Fish’s Risk Assessment & Method Statements document.

Our Ethics

We recognise the impact that our activities of providing LED entertainment for events can have on others and the environment. It has become increasingly important, as Feeding the Fish has grown, to take an intentional approach and to acknowledge our responsibility to minimise negative effects and to maximise positive ones.

We love our work and the places it takes us. However, the downside of performing internationally is the high carbon emissions that are caused by travelling long distances – specifically when travelling by air. We are committed to minimising emissions from travel and we choose ground-based travel whenever possible. 

The Events Team

Alix Wilding

Artistic Director
+44 (0) 7958 476 045

Simon Mylius

Technical Director

Chris Sly

Head of Technical Delivery

Krisztina Toth

Team Leader - Berlin