Introducing our Juggling and Dance Workshops for Schools

Feb 2021

Our Education Advisor Becky Stead introduces our juggling and dance workshops for schools.

Not only is Becky Stead the Education Advisor for Feeding the Fish, she is also a qualified P.E specialist primary school teacher. She is a practicing Year 1 class teacher in a large primary school in Essex and is also one of the P.E coordinators in the school.

Here at Feeding the Fish, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to participate in fun and enjoyable Physical Education which promotes and supports them leading a healthy and active life. 

We are told that children should participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day, which has been increasingly challenging to achieve during lockdown restrictions and home learning. At the same time, it is now more important than ever for schools to provide children the opportunity to participate in activity, in order to have a positive impact on their physical and mental well-being. 

When it comes to spending P.E and Sport Premium Funding, schools naturally want to positively impact the children. Here at Feeding the Fish, we deliver activities that are a little different – juggling, circus skills and dance – and we enable children to pick up these skills within the space of just two weeks. It is not only a great opportunity for the children to get active and learn a new skill but also for the staff to learn how to deliver these exciting activities and build upon their existing subject knowledge. 


What Feeding the Fish Are Offering 

Feeding the Fish are delighted to be offering a unique learning experience for primary aged children across the country. Our team of professionals are delivering age appropriate, cross-curricular physical education lessons in dance and juggling/circus skills. All of our lessons comply with and work towards the National Curriculum objectives in an enjoyable way. 

Our work promotes all four of the Physical Education National Curriculum aims; to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, to ensure that children are physically active for sustained periods of time, to engage in competitive sports and activities and of course to lead healthy, active lives. 

Given the current climate, these lessons are being delivered virtually with the hope of progressing to face-to-face learning once it is safe to do so. Our virtual learning comprises a mixture of high quality, live teaching and pre-recorded lessons. This ensures that the children are engaging lessons with quality first teaching and valuable feedback as well as the opportunity to learn and practise independently. 

The lessons:  

  • Dance for Key Stage 1: Our team of professional dancers deliver bespoke, inclusive dance lessons based on the individual needs of your school and children. We base a unit of dance on the year groups chosen topic. When planning this we work closely with the school and class teachers to develop a schedule of lessons to suit all. We use our outstanding knowledge of the National Curriculum to influence our planning and teaching meaning that each lesson works towards appropriate objectives for that Key Stage. 
  • Juggling for Key Stage 2: At Feeding the Fish we pride ourselves in delivering engaging, live, cross-curricular juggling lessons. Not only do we ensure that the lessons are planned and taught to the National Curriculum P.E objectives but we also meet objectives in subjects such as Science and D.T, relevant to the specific year group. Our juggling lessons involve the children making their own equipment such as juggling balls out of accessible household  items. They then learn how to use these to juggle, for many children this is a new skill. 

To book, contact Ellen on or 07780215125