A car covered in LED lights displays graphics in white, blue and pink. Text on the image reads: World record holder. Most LED lights on a Car. Designed and build by Feeding the Fish.

Feeding the Fish’s LED car breaks a new World Record

Dec 2020

The team at Feeding the Fish is delighted to announce an LED car we designed and built breaks a new World Record.

During November, we worked with Global Village in Dubai on their ‘25 world records in 25 weeks’ project and totally smashed it with world record breaking 37,676 LED lights on a Toyota Supra. 

The bespoke LED system was designed by Feeding the Fish’s Technical Director Simon Mylius and built by the company’s team in a secret London location.  The LED Supra boasts a one off control system that means the car can display moving graphics and video over the entire bodywork whilst being driven, and in this cars case, being driven means stunt driving…drifting, J turns and donuts galore! 

The very first LED cars that Feeding the Fish created were a pair of BMW M3s that were featured in the Top Gear Live shows (and latterly Clarkson, Hammond and May live). These BMWs formed an act which also included 2 dancers wearing the company’s LED Pixel Video Suits and spinning Pixel-Poi® as the drivers screeched around both the arena and the dancers in a super exciting choreographed performance.

The story of the LED Supra so far… 

The Supra was initially designed for Fast and Furious Live, which was the brainchild of Rowland French. The high octane show brought to life stunts performed in the Fast and Furious film franchise and toured the UK and Europe. It included stunt driving choreography by the talented Colin Sangster who was assisted by Naomi French and Alix Wilding (also Artistic Director of Feeding the Fish). 

The wheel spinning, rubber burning (and incredibly accurate) LED car drivers on the tour were Chris Burns, Anthony “Scotty” Scott, Jodie Rasburn and Jonny Irwin. 

The Supra has already enjoyed one season at Dubai’s Global Village performing in ‘Stunt Show Survivor’ directed by Todd Lester. The stunt team including Andrea Ponticelli, Christian Diaz and Kevin Muttschall were trained for the show by fellow Guinness World Record holder Terry Grant who has a world record for driving a Jaguar F-Pace through the largest loop the loop in the world (19.5m to be exact!)

At Feeding the Fish we were delighted to be part of Imagination’s Jaguar E-Pace launch in Beijing, maybe one day our ‘bespoke LED design and build department’ can light up one of these fab cars too?

We especially want to thank the team that built the amazing LED Supra: Simon Mylius (Technical Director) Alix Wilding (Artistic Director), Chris Sly (Head of Technical Delivery)Megan Jones, Frederike Gerstner, Filipa Tomas, Frankie Favia, Gary Thatcher, Tony Palmer, Ben Nicholson, Jason Dupree, Ed Heath.

LED Supra in the press… 

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