Feeding the Fish at Global Village

Mar 2021

Since last year, some members of Feeding the Fish managed to escape the lockdown restrictions of Europe and head over to Global Village in Dubai, where thanks to a dedicated team and fantastic social-distancing measures, we were still able to perform!

Some of our acts have included playing the clarinet in the beautiful Arabian Square fountain and the genius invention of the pianobike, created by the team at Global Village. Last but never least, we’ve also been doing what we do best: performing LED juggling shows with a special version of Kaleidoscope,

We’ve also brought our LED Supra to Global Village, which earlier this year broke the Guinness World Record for the most LED lights on a car.

With covid restrictions it’s been a tough year but the Global Village team have managed to keep up social distancing and thorough cleaning protocols. As such, it has been able to continue as one of the few places to hold live performances.