A woman wearing a driving helmet sits in a sports car, she looks out of the visor and the photo is taken from a profile angle.

#IWD interview with female stunt driver

Mar 2021

To celebrate International Women’s Day we grabbed a moment with Precision Driver Michelle Westby who we had the honour of working with on the touring show ‘Fast & Furious Live’. The touring show featured antics from the films that were brought to life by a team of amazing precision stunt drivers. ‘Fast & Furious Live’ also happened to feature 4 very sparkly LED cars that were designed and built by Feeding the Fish.

What car do you currently drive?
Nissan S14a.

What is the most memorable moment in your career so far?
Performing as a Stunt Driver for Fast and Furious Live at the O2 Arena. I don’t think anything will top that feeling of the show going as planned then hearing the cheer of the audience at the end.

What advice would you give women with a passion for cars and driving?

I would say never let it put you off or feel less confident just because it’s still a very male-dominated industry. There are a lot more females making it in the motor sport world, so remember that you can achieve as much as anyone else if you put your mind to it. Stay focused and eyes on the goal and no matter how tough times get, keep going. Nothing good comes easy.